Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Dad's Retirement

I'm very proud to call, such a fine man my dad
I know the father you've been, is a gift that I've had
Your profession is not one of glamor, nor did it hold any fame
But it has been a profession, that I've been proud of all the same
I have always loved to say, that my father was a cop
It was something that my friends, could really never top
We never lived a flashy life, but you provided food and comfort
And when your kids stepped out of line, it was us you did exhort
A loving home, a healthy family, these are what we enjoyed
It was due to your selfless leading, these experiences were employed
You sit here tonight, with family and friends around
It's the eve of your retirement, and their support and love abound
You have worked so very hard, these past many years
You have now gotten to this place, and tonight there may be tears
But to me there lies a wonder, a wonder of your career
Much of it I'll never know, because your humility was sincere
I have never heard you brag, or boast at your success
I have only seen the benefits, on how your faithfulness has been blessed
You have always been a role model, whether in life, career, or deed
You raised your kids in love, and because of this we will succeed
You have been an officer of peace, and this is interesting to me
Because the bible speaks of peace, the Lord gives to those he set free
You my dad have been, a blessing from the Lord
You have helped give us a peaceful life, your family has been in accord
You're my pop, my dad, my father, my leader and my friend
To you this night we'll honor but, it's a new beginning, not the end.