Friday, August 9, 2013

Gomer am I

I can find you in the loneliest place
But usually I'm there when I'm hiding
Tying to run, trying not to seek your face
Staying far away as I can from abiding

But I am not my own I gave myself to you
My life is yours and everything it consists of
And I don't understand it 'cause when I run you stay true
When I return your arms are open full of love

How can I deny you? Why would I ever leave you?
But somehow I leave your house of love and return
Return to the streets of prostitution, the whore I am, nothings new
Back to the filth and grime, on the path of death, I never learn

As I wait for my next customer I sit on the bed
But who walks in? My master, my bridegroom, my love
Shame wells up inside me, terror, fear, and dread
What will he say? Will he rain down holy wrath from above?

How hurt he must be, I've betrayed him over and over again
I've taken His love and ignored it, even despised
As I sit in my shame and wait for Him to begin
I don't want to hear Him speak, I'd rather my own demise.

I looked up into His eyes expecting to find contempt and malice
But what I got was different, I could barely fathom
His eyes were sad, yes, but what was more was grace
He looked down upon me with understanding, love, and compassion

He gently lifted me from the bed as I sobbed in His chest
Then He whispered, "let's go home," but even then I started to whine
Why/How could you want me? Fearful of what might happen next
But he looked into my eyes and said, "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine."

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