Friday, August 9, 2013


Where am I?
Angst and emptiness.
How oh how did I reach such a place?
A place of such hopelessness
Where is this?
A place of frustration and discouragement
Away from everything I enjoy
Away from happiness and fulfillment
Was it I who ran here?
Was it I who was navigating?
Or was this where I was led?
But why all this postulating?
Who cares why, what do I do now?
Do I sit in the nothing?
Do I explore the nowhere?
Or do I push out towards the King?
I can only be filled by Him
So I press on and push forward
Nothing in this nowhere can help
So I seek His face, my reward
Only there will I find somewhere
This Earth is full of nowhere
There's nothings everywhere I look
But maybe, just maybe I dare
Dare to see this Earth as His Kingdom
Dare to live my life as a soldier
Dare to give up all for His sake
Dare to give my life to the hands of the molder
The sculptor of this reality
The author of the universe
The creator of life
Before I succumb to the curse
The curse mankind is under
Where death comes from sin
And life, true life is nowhere to be found
An existence where nobody can win
But whats this I see up ahead?
A road-sign labeled Mercy and Redemption
Turn here before nothingness takes over
Turn here, let this be your temptation
Be tempted to love Jesus
To live life you were created for
Live the only way you can feel whole
This is not superstition and lore
This is what's real
Here there is sustenance
Where Joy is supplied in plenty
Away from the insistent nothingness
So give in to faith, hope, and love
To God who desires you
Stop doing what you're doing
Let Him take you to somewhere new.

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